I was born in Brooklyn, New York at Coney Island hospital. However, my family and I moved to Ghana (West
Africa) when I was about two years old due to financial problems. This country raised me with its beautiful
culture and lifestyle of the people. It was indeed an amazing experience and I would not trade this
experience for anything in the world. It taught me humility, responsibility, love and respect.
At age 13, I lost my Dad to a kidney disease. It was hard for us, but my Mom was strong and started a
business right away to support us. Nine years later, I lost my younger sister to diarrhea. It was very devastating
and even though it got the best of my mom, she still managed to raise us. It feels like it was just yesterday
this happened but God knows best.

I moved back to the US after spending some years in College in Africa. I had to chase my dreams, my
American dream. Now I’m focused on doing the the thing I love most which is Art and I am trying to make
career out of it.

The world is my canvas and thank God for all the four seasons. 

-Prince Abidoye